Anyone can have a good idea. A great team defines its success.

We are building the future of mobility with tried and tested expertise.

We are driven by a purpose and inspired by a vision.

Our purpose is to achieve a disproportionate effect by synchronising market sectors open for disruption, advanced technologies and exceptional human talent.

Our aim is to develop the world's first commercially viable dual-purpose autonomous aerospace advanced manufacturing company. Delivering a globally affordable, premium, safe, practical transportation product that promises mobility to previously unconsidered, unaffordable and uncommercial destinations.

We firmly believe in fostering customer satisfaction, aligning our efforts with the Global Sustainable Development Goals, and maintaining the transparent and accountable development of ethical Artificial Intelligence.

We gathered the best people from all around the world.

The Fait Corporation Leadership Team comprises distinguished professionals with decades of rich leadership experience spanning various industry sectors. They have collectively steered the helm of senior defence, intelligence, academia, energy, engineering, aerospace, aviation, machine learning and automated robotics, demonstrating exceptional dedication and acumen. Their joint aspiration for Fait Corporation is to make it the premier AAM firm.

We are actively recruiting talented, passionate and driven individuals. If you wish to join a team driven by purpose with significant global impact, please send us your resume.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Driven by a commitment to excellence, our leadership team guides Fait Corporation's innovative ventures, ensuring we remain at the forefront of AAM technology. 
Tim Radburn
Founder & CEO
Tim has had a distinguished Australian special forces career followed equally by a distinguished global business career in senior executive and executive director roles, having managed a billion dollars in private assets. He brings a unique blend of experienced human-centric leadership, world-class strategic thinking, tactical acumen and precision honed over two decades. This embeds resilience, safety, and health consciousness into our solutions and our firm.
Tin Lai, PhD
Chief of Automation
Tin is a distinguished Computer Scientist specialising in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Robotics. Holding a Doctorate from The University of Sydney, his Ph.D. thesis delved into Robot Learning and Planning from a Probabilistic Perspective. His research encompasses statistical machine learning, multiagent systems, motion planning, and the integration of probabilistic predictions in robotics. Tin has a combined bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Structural Engineering (Honours Class I) from the same esteemed institution.
Tim Kelly
Chief of Aerospace
Tim is an internationally experienced aeronautical engineer with 20 years of experience in industry. He has worked on programs such as the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and the Airbus A350 in Los Angeles, Nashville, Munich, and Rotterdam. He has a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering, an MBA, a lean six-sigma green belt, and is a Chartered Engineer and RPEQ. Tim is passionate about building Australia’s sovereign capability through advanced digital engineering and manufacturing.