Aerospace Software Systems Engineer

Job description

This Systems Engineer role focuses on the design and development of the embedded software. This role requires expertise in the realm of safety-critical software design, development, testing, and the seamless integration of hardware and software systems.


  • The development of sophisticated control system architectures.
  • The development of flight control systems for the aircraft, involving the planning and control aspect of the flight system.
  • Proficiency in system identification from test data, with a strong emphasis on performance analysis in simulated environments.
  • A deep understanding of advanced control systems design, coupled with knowledge of linear programming and numerical optimisation techniques.


  • Proficiency in and application of aerospace software and hardware certification standards.
  • A rich background in the design, development, and validation of software intended for safety-critical systems.
  • Understand the mathematical models from first principles.
  • Experience in system identification and flight control tuning through rigorous testing.
  • Experience in the design and integration of flight control systems for aircraft.
  • The ability to create and implement tests for fine-tuning flight control systems and evaluating system performance.

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