SLAM Software Engineer

Job description

In charge of integrating cutting-edge deep learning algorithms with robust, real-time software, and delivering safety-critical features for VTOL.


  • Develop state-of-the-art, online and offline state estimation and 3D perception algorithms by fusing information from cameras, IMUs and other sensors
  • Design, validate and improve algorithms against simulated challenging real-world data sequences
  • Design and develop automated data generation pipelines that create various types of high-quality, unbiased ground truth data for real-world perception problems
  • Create robust sensor calibration systems that perform reliably in complex and unpredictable environments


  • Strong mathematical fundamentals including Linear Algebra, Vector calculus, Probabilistic theory, and Mathematical Optimization, along with relevant implementation experience.
  • Ability to write production-level code in modern C++.
  • Ability to quickly prototype and profile algorithms in Python is desired
  • Background in core problems in computer vision and robotics, e.g., Bayesian estimation (e.g., MAP, MMSE, MLE), Classical or Neural Structure-from-Motion and 3D Reconstruction, SLAM, and Bundle Adjustment.

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