Software / DevOps Developer

Job description

In charge of contributing to various system components and foundational code to the autopilot software. This role will assist in designing the software components with the rest of the team; including writing tests and integrating the evaluation pipeline to ensure the stability and functionality of the software stack


  • Write, debug, and maintain robust C/C++ software for the entire Autopilot software stack.
  • Can be any of the following: Camera Vision and Lidar systems / develop GPU kernels design / raw data logging & interpolating system sensors drivers.
  • Optimize the usage of hardware resources and leverage custom hardware components when applicable.
  • With best coding practices to assist engineers in writing high-quality code, including performance and memory tracking.


  • Experience in programming C/C++ software, including modern C/C++ (C++14/17/20).
  • Experience or familiarity with Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and related software concepts is a plus.
  • Experience with performant software design, object-oriented C++, compiler design, and/or lower-level C code.
  • Proficiency in developing software on a Linux host and for embedded Linux targets, including cross-compilation, is a plus.
  • Experience in at least one of the following areas is preferred: imaging software, Cuda/OpenCL, SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data), multithreading, Linux system software (POSIX, etc.), and computer vision.

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